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We are at the Frontlines working for the patients, surgeons and communities to make a positive impact on healing.



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Vision and innovation continue to drive us forward in our belief that we can provide the most advanced and effective spinal surgery technologies to significantly improve the lives of patients.

Our primary mission at Frontline Services Inc is the patients we serve. We are dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective technology in the spine industry in helping with a full and speedy recovery for all patients. Our secondary mission at Frontline Services Inc is to provide meaningful jobs for veterans to aid in a smooth transition for their dedicated service to this country.

Our secondary mission at Frontline Services Inc. is to provide meaningful jobs for veterans with our “Vets to Reps” program. For more information about this program please contact us below.


Frontline Services, Inc.’s purpose is to provide top quality medical products, and be a reliable distributor to make sure all processes involving our products continue to run smoothly at our facilities. All staff are highly knowledgeable in our products and methods, which leads to more effective use of the products and better-informed problem-solving as necessary. As a company, we are also aiming to have a majority of employment and partnerships with qualified Veterans and Veteran-run entities. We believe in the abilities of our Veterans, and wish to reward those who have made a great sacrifice for our country and who may be feeling left displaced after returning home. Working in an operating room provides much of the same comradery and teamwork Veterans will be familiar with, as all parties must work together to ensure the best outcome for the patient. Therefore, we believe Veterans will fit in well with the workflow and the intensity of being a part of a successful surgery, as has been the case for myself.

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